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Basic Information

Introduction :

This product is an photoelectric smoke detector.It can detect smoke in real time,emit light and sound to alert,allows you to take measures in time to tackle with the dangerous case.


  1. High-performance photoelectric detection、Unique optical smoke chamber design
  2. Strong anti-interference ability
  3. Battery low voltage report &sensor failure detection alarm
  4. Independent sound & light alarm, can also be used in network
  5. Sensitivity will be adjusted automatically to suit condition
  6. SMT technology manufacturing

Use standard
Technical Specifications


  1. Model: ES63
  2. Battery: AA1.5V(2pcs) /CR123A
  3. Freq/Protocol: WiFi/ZigBee/BLE/Standalone
  4. (Other protocol custom made available)
  5. Battery lifetime: 3-5 years /10 years
  6. Alarm Volume: ≥85dB
  7. Detect type:photoelectric
  8. Working Temperature: -10℃~50℃
  9. Certification: EN14604
  10. Dimension: 98x32mm

Combined with networking
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