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IF-series is a digital variableintelligent IR fence which has been the leader in its categories, featured by excellent performance, complete functions and easy operation. The IR Fence uses advanced micro processing digital smart control technology, designed with reasonable beam separation distance. It gets high sensitivity and strong anti-interference capability by adopting coaxialcollimatingaspherical lens&coordinating 940nm Infrared Emission Tube with Automatic Gain Adjustment Technology. With high-quality aluminum enclosure & anti-tamper/anti-cut alarm, it can work 24 hours perfectly in outdoor. The IR Fence has pre-alarm function, can calibrateprecisely& rapidly with 360 degreeinfinitely rotation. Besides, with two-beam mutual radiation recognition technology, it can effectively prevent false alarms caused by pets, birds, leaves or sunlight etc. And with unique and beautiful design, the IR Fence is suitable for many installationenvironments such as modern homes, villas, warehouse, large square or farms etc.

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Technical Specifications
1 models: IF series including: IF4 series, IF6 series, IF8 series, IF10 series, IF12 series
2 warning distance: 5m, 10m, 20m, 40m, 60m
3 detection mode: 2 adjacent beam at the same time breaking the detection type
4 light source: infrared digital pulse type
5 induction speed: 40msec
6 alarm output: relay node output NO.NC contact capacity 30mAMax AC/DC30V
7 voltage: 12-24V 15W DC
8 working temperature: -25~55
9 working humidity: 5%~95%
10 dimensions: 74*3.7cm (Si Guangshu); 107*3.7cm (6 beam); 140.5*3.7cm (8 beam); 173*3.7cm (10 beam); 250.5*3.7cm (12 beam)
11 anti demolition output: contact output NC contact capacity 0.5Amax DC24V
12 optical axis adjustment angle: 360 degrees
13 material: aluminum alloy shell
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